Soulbound NFTs

All non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted from the platform are soulbound by default ensure that the license which is permission from the creator to read, watch, etc. would be very difficult or virtually impossible to infringe or manipulate data.
It is ERC1155 compliant based on OpenZeppelin's's standard base contracts and extensions, each token ID has a single corresponding owner who creates the work and can contain multiple copies.
There are two different forms of NFTs to serve different type of creators.
  • Illustration NFTs - An image-based NFT represents artworks, illustrations.
  • Literary NFTs - A text-based NFT represents fiction and non-fiction books and able to link to illustration NFTs.
The model creates composability refers to the ability of NFTs to interact with each other in a way that creates interdependencies between them. For example, an NFT may be created by a group of creators working together, with each creator contributing a specific element to the final piece.
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