Hybrid permission-based NFTs for crypto-native content is a platform to securely share exclusive content with fans and collectors using hybrid permission-based NFTs customized for digital arts, comics and graphic novels, audios, videos and even social media posts.
Unlike a regular NFT where everything is made public, our NFTs have public and private sections, ensuring that only authorized individuals can have access to the private section using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.
We can highlight the main conclusions below:
  • Content Agnostic - It designed to support all types of digital content, including but not limited to, art, graphic novels, music, videos, and more.
  • Customized ERC1155 - Anyone can mint NFTs from a shared smart contract that is compatible with ERC1155 standard, allowing each user to have full control over their created tokens.
  • AES Encryption - Using AES algorithm to protect the private content while the key is currently stored in a centralized database. However, we aim to replace it with a decentralized solution in the near future to ensure maximum security and privacy for all users.
  • Soulbound Tokens - All NFTs are soulbound tokens, which mean they cannot be re-sold and is permanently assigned to a given address. As a result, consumers must acquire them directly from the original creator.
  • Limited Supply - Despite the share smart contract model that similar to OpenSea's storefront, each user can set a limited supply to their tokens, making them rare and valuable over time.
Our mission is to facilitate the adoption of Web3 technology to quickly issue digital certifications for creative work, enabling better collaboration and fair distribution for us all.
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