What is PromptSea?

PromptSea is a decentralized platform for creating semi-private NFTs that are positioned between public and private NFTs, providing a new way to tokenize creative works and publishing them directly to a global audience, giving control back to individual creators and/or studios, instead of relying on intermediaries such as major publishers.

With the goal of becoming a thriving and self-sustaining ecosystem that drives innovation and growth in the NFT space, revolutionizing the way content is created with Web3 technology.

Who is working on PromptSea?

PromptSea aims to establish itself as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) powered by a community of dedicated members and contributors.

The current core contributor to the project is Tamago Blockchain Labs KK, an NFT development lab based in Japan.

Does PromptSea charge any fees?

There are two fee options in the current version.

  • 10% Minting Fee

  • 10% Trading Fee

Is there an PromptSea token?

We aim to launch our native token in Q1 of 2024 to support the growth and development of the DAO. The tokenomics are currently being developed and will be available soon, so stay tuned for more information.

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