While PromptNFT is considered the primary marketplace, PromptMarket serves as a secondary marketplace for trading PromptNFT tokens once the max supply of a particular NFT has been reached.
It operates through a single smart contract that enables the listing of PromptNFT. When listing, the seller must specify the desired price, for example, 1 MATIC or 10 USDC, and give approval to the contract to allow for the transfer of NFTs from the seller's wallet when needed.
We provide a secondary marketplace for the creators who need liquidity for their NFTs. This means that the current price of the NFT will reflect the supply and demand of the collection the most.
The creator then must keep monitor the market price and adjust the mint price accordingly. This also means that the creator can raise the mint price if demand increases.
At a low level, it is not possible to prevent someone from listing their PromptNFT even if the max supply has not been reached. However, you can hide the panel on the frontend in the account screen.