PromptNFT is a shared and customized ERC1155 smart contract for NFT management, modeled after OpenSea's storefront. This allows all creators using the platform to benefit from the shared contract, reducing the need for individual smart contract deployment and saving on gas fees.
Each creator is able to assign a unique token ID, determine the maximum supply, and set a mint price for their NFTs in MATIC, BNB or ERC20 tokens.


Distinguished by its level of visibility, PromptNFT is a semi-private NFT, for short it's a private NFT that can be deployed on any public blockchain. It protects private metadata through a decentralized KMS network, while the owner information, public metadata and transactions are publicly visible.
Unlike private NFTs which are suited for sensitive content such as medical records and confidential information, PromptNFT rather fit for creative works as below
Content Type
  • Personalized exercise plan for weight loss in 2 months
  • SEO strategy for specific niches
  • Simulating scene to be featuring in media
Digital Art
  • With high-resolution files
  • Limited-edition artworks
  • Time-lapse videos and interactive experiences
  • Virtual tours of locations where their photographs were taken
For more details about the encryption/decryption operations, please check out PromptNetwork section.


The metadata structure is designed in a hierarchical manner to ensure that the public and private information are kept separate from each other. Both of them can consist of arrays of items, which can be files, narratives, or other forms of data.
// Example
name : My NFT
image : A link to My NFT's image
public : [
fileType : image
file : image in base64 string
protected : [
fileType : text
file: this is what I want to share secretly <- encrypt
The private side contains private information that the creator want to be shared with the token holders, this information is encrypted using an encryption key obtained from PromptNetwork and is attached to a JSON object before being uploaded to IPFS.


The PromptNFT is a soulbound token, which means by default it can't be transferred to anyone who is not whitelisted by the smart contract. In our case, the whitelisted are the PromptNFT, PromptMarket contracts. However, it may still be listed on other NFT marketplaces but any attempts to purchase it would fail. This feature can be disabled on a case-by-case basis at a token level, so please contact us if you want to disable it.

Max Supply

Since it's ERC1155 compatible, allows each token ID to have multiple copies, the customization we did enables the owner to set the max supply during the creation and determines the rarity of the NFT that will be displayed at the frontend, as indicated by the following table.
Rarity Level
Max Supply
When setting the maximum supply to 1, you can create a one-of-a-kind NFT or investment-grade artwork but please note that during the creation, one token will automatically be debited to your wallet, making it no others to mint it after. To make it available for sale or trade, you'll need to list it on the PromptMarket accordingly.